Students and volunteers with the Acadmies.

Living and Learning at UB

The Academies connect students to a community of supportive faculty, staff, and peers enhancing the UB experience through the integration of academic exploration, community involvement and personal growth. The Academies offer interdependent programs and services tailored to students’ interests and studies.

Meet this month's featured blogger, Silvana!

A special message to the University at Buffalo's Class of 2018

Hi, my name is Silvana and I’m a current sophomore at UB and a sophomore in the Academies. The Academies has been my home away from home since starting my academic career at this large University. Not a day goes by where I regret joining the Academies because frankly, if it wasn’t for this welcoming, highly supportive, fun-loving community of friends, mentors, staff, and professors, I would not be the confident, driven, leading young woman I am today. The Academies has helped me become aware of what I truly am capable of doing and that anything I want to achieve, whether it’s participation in the Buffalo community or becoming more involved on campus, is realistically within reach. The Academies has truly changed me, for the better of course, and these two years have been fun to say the least. I am excited for my future with the Academies constantly by my side for support and I hope to see you as a new addition to our family! Apply today at



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