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The Academies connect students to a community of supportive faculty, staff, and peers enhancing the UB experience through the integration of academic exploration, community involvement and personal growth. The Academies offer interdependent programs and services tailored to students’ interests and studies.

Director Spotlight: Dr. Ken Shockley

Throughout the summer, we will be highlighting the Academies Academic Directors to help you get to know them and this spotlight is on Dr. Ken Shockley.

Dr. Shockley Dr. Shockley became involved in the academies because of its interdisciplinary spirit, and the exciting ways it encourages student engagement with the broader community. In the academies he found an enthusiastic body of students from across campus, from a wide range of disciplines, interested in pursuing a liberal arts education within a major research university. The excitement shared by students, faculty, and staff in collaborative and creative education, in life long learning, and in creative problem solving made the academies incredibly appealing. And the same qualities fit nicely with Shockley’s interest in sustainability and the use of creative problem solving to address today’s pressing environmental concerns. He is incredibly pleased to be directing the sustainability academy.

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